DIY… Button Decor

So, not too long ago here, I cleaned and organized my entire email. Inboxes, folders, spam, the whole shebang! and boy did it feel good. It was very therapeutic, as cleaning can be. I remembered things I forgot, found pictures I thought I’d lost, and found a cute easy DIY that I’ve never put on … Continue reading

DIY…Garden Marker

Happy Earth Day, y’all!!! I celebrated by planting my lettuce. Frankly I’m terrified it will frost again. If so, I’ll just plant again. Take that North (sometimes its hard being from Texas). Anyways heres a DIY quickie, if you will. Now get off the interwebs and nature it up!! Xo Ps. I have a secret. … Continue reading

DIY…Stamps – and the ups and downs of crafting.

Fact: crafting does not always go smoothly. Another fact: crafting rarely goes smoothly. All these perfectly executed and photographed DIYs out there make me think “that looks so easy, maybe I can do it”. And usually I can, and so can you (I dislike when people say they aren’t “crafty”, everyone who can think is. … Continue reading

I enjoy… Wooden Rings

If my husband and I ever “upgrade” our wedding rings, they will be wooden. I’m obsessed with the first one here. And actually all that follow. *all images found on Pinterest