DIY… Star Sign Embroidery

Let me ask you a question, how often do you just look up and take in the stars? I’m usually in bed knitting by 7, asleep by 10, so the answer for me is that it “ardly hever appens”. But I did just get some newfangled fancy telephone app that lets me do it from … Continue reading

DIY… Button Decor

So, not too long ago here, I cleaned and organized my entire email. Inboxes, folders, spam, the whole shebang! and boy did it feel good. It was very therapeutic, as cleaning can be. I remembered things I forgot, found pictures I thought I’d lost, and found a cute easy DIY that I’ve never put on … Continue reading

DIY… Tassel Garland

Hey. Today, I’m waiting. For a phone call. And its driving me up the wall. I went for a walk but the wind has a chill, I don’t want to just sit around watching tv. I need something to take my mind off waiting and pass the time. So I am doing this fun little … Continue reading

DIY… Embroidered Thank You

Hey thanks. For being you. Let’s just dive in shall we. Get yourself some paint chips, free! And a tack. cork of some kind, don’t tell me you didn’t drink a bottle of Riesling last Friday. Some embroidery floss, a needle, and a pencil. And some scissors. Cut the paint chips to 4×6 squares. Fold … Continue reading

Where have I been?

Well, hello. I’m back from vacation. And by vacation, I mean a terrible eye infection that made it impossible to see. I kind of want to post a picture but I don’t want to upset anyone and I was told I looked disgusting. Or like sloth from the goonies. I’ll spare you the gory details. … Continue reading

I enjoy… Wooden Rings

If my husband and I ever “upgrade” our wedding rings, they will be wooden. I’m obsessed with the first one here. And actually all that follow. *all images found on Pinterest