Crochet…A Tiny Cactus

Part two of “Crochet Week” here is gonna be a cute wittle cactus pattern. It probably contains errors, it may not make a cactus, although I’m fairly certain that it does. I tried it, a few times. Well enough dilly dallying, lets whip up some cacti. I used SugarnCream yarn and a size F crochet … Continue reading

DIY… Plant Hanger

For my anniversary, my husband got me a bunch of plants just like I asked. He’s so good. Not only plants, did he get me, but he got me some nice chunky yarn to macrame up some plant hangers with! My Man! I tell you what. So here’s how I made a plant hanger… You’ll … Continue reading

DIY… Star Sign Embroidery

Let me ask you a question, how often do you just look up and take in the stars? I’m usually in bed knitting by 7, asleep by 10, so the answer for me is that it “ardly hever appens”. But I did just get some newfangled fancy telephone app that lets me do it from … Continue reading

DIY… Yours & Mine Sleep Masks

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! It is my anniversary, ahem, our anniversary. My husband, OF 3 WHOLE YEARS, insists I include him. wink. In all seriousness though, 3 years ago today I married my bestie. It happened. And every year I try to get him presents that are fun and stuff he wants and not necessarily practical but … Continue reading

DIY… No Sew Pillowcase

TGIF! am I right? I am. I know it. And while some of you may be layering on the mascara to hit the disco-tech I will be snuggled up with my husband, fur babies, and some Netflix. Why? Because I’m an old lady trapped in a body that ain’t no spring chicken. And I do … Continue reading

DIY… Starting an Avocado Tree

Hello Monday! I am ready for this week, I tell you what. Okay actually i’m not entirely ready for this week. I have a lot going on. Something exciting. Something I’d rather take my mind off of for a bit with a little urban gardening. And thats what I’m doing. Yesterday I whipped up some … Continue reading

DIY… Denim Vest

IT IS GETTIN WARMER. AND I’M JAZZED ABOUT IT. It is not as warm as my southern home but is a lot warmer than my first yankee geography. So out into the world I bare my see through day glo arms in their glue stick glory. And firsts things first, I have this old jean … Continue reading

DIY… Button Decor

So, not too long ago here, I cleaned and organized my entire email. Inboxes, folders, spam, the whole shebang! and boy did it feel good. It was very therapeutic, as cleaning can be. I remembered things I forgot, found pictures I thought I’d lost, and found a cute easy DIY that I’ve never put on … Continue reading

DIY…Garden Marker

Happy Earth Day, y’all!!! I celebrated by planting my lettuce. Frankly I’m terrified it will frost again. If so, I’ll just plant again. Take that North (sometimes its hard being from Texas). Anyways heres a DIY quickie, if you will. Now get off the interwebs and nature it up!! Xo Ps. I have a secret. … Continue reading

DIY… Mary Jane Cloth Shoes

For a good month, I scoured Amazon and Ebay and Etsy and etc for cloth mary jane house slipper sort of things. I would either find some that were super cute and out of my price range or in range but not my size or a color that I want. It was quite the fiasco. … Continue reading