From skirt to backpack! …an upcycle.

So, I don’t drive. I do a lot of walking. And for some reason I require at all times a gallon of water, a tupperwear container who’s contents shall not be named, 2 notebooks, and quite possibly some shoes and maybe yarn and some rocks and chapstick. All that said, the size purse I carry … Continue reading

DIY… Yoga Pants Makeover

Hello! Happy Sunday. Etc. Today I think we should work on opening up your sewing chakra. I’ve been doing yoga a lot lately. And I’ll go ahead and swear by it. But…I hate my yoga pants. They came in a three pack from SAMs club just like how I get my bras (not joking). They’re … Continue reading

DIY… Quick n Dirty Jersey hi lo Maxi

Hello hello! I’m back again. With lots of thought processes. I don’t want to let this get too wordy, the title clearly says “quick n dirty”, but let me say I bought a notebook and some Martha Stewart office organizey tab thingys and boy howdy, I’m getting my life together. I have a tab for … Continue reading

Where have I been?

Well, hello. I’m back from vacation. And by vacation, I mean a terrible eye infection that made it impossible to see. I kind of want to post a picture but I don’t want to upset anyone and I was told I looked disgusting. Or like sloth from the goonies. I’ll spare you the gory details. … Continue reading