DIY… Living Terrarium

Remember Sunday, when we went to Ringing Rocks, I brought some nature home with me. I took a few plastic baggies for “specimens”. I found a little sized flat stone with some moss growing on it and carried that around the whole time, as well as a bag of rocks in one pocket and a … Continue reading

What I’m up to… Ringing Rocks, PA

Sunday, we needed to get out. I’m slowly trying to convince my husband to forget the world and buy a farm and live off the grid and only have goats, alpacas, chickens, and maybe a few more dogs, and a pet deer. And in my convincing, I think it helps to leave the “city” and … Continue reading

Come Along Fawn…now partly open.

I can’t contain it any longer! Come Along Fawn is open. Just starting out a little slow with some jewelry. But fantastic jewelry it is, in my opinion. All hand made by me! Just click on my shop name up there! Happy shopping!