DIY… Knit Heart Elbow Patches

Hello!!! I’m a busy bee just buzzin around the bee hive over here. I’ve decided that since i’ve not got as many hours at my “real” job, I’m going to start offering alterations, repairs, and tailoring. So if you’re in the Easton, Pa area and need some buttons replaced or hems lowered or raised let … Continue reading

DIY… Patina Painted Picture Frames

Welp, we done up and moved again. Only houses though. Not towns. I currently still reside in Pennsylvania. I’m pretty sure my “about” page says I live in Minnesota still maybe Anyways, we got a level in a duplex. It has the yard! A fenced yard! The house is sort of underground, we have high … Continue reading

Lefty Scissors Mini Dress

Hello! I’ve been in sewing mode pretty deep. Practicing Peter Pan collars and the such. And now for your wearing pleasure I bring to you…drum roll…the Lefty Scissors Dress. Just click HERE to go right to it quick like bunny. And now here’s a puppy.. Xo