DIY…Crepe Paper Photo Backdrop

So, for my birthday, the husband helped me create a super easy but incredibly satisfying backdrop for the EastONpop article. And about 5 mins in I started documenting. It’s super easy though. Just find a blank wall. We don’t have any really, so we used one of our housemate’s giant rolls of canvas. Tack it … Continue reading

What I’m Up to… EastOnPop

So. My roommates, husband, and I are being featured in a magazine!!! I’m jazzed, seriously. It’s a huge 9 page spread. Oh I should probably tell you the name of it…EastOnPop. It’s a local thing but will be distributed through where I live in Pa and Nj. I met the creator by chance at work … Continue reading

What I’m up to…First shoot

So my husband needed a band picture to send to a publicist and I made him let me take the picture. It was my first time shooting a person really with my camera he got me 3 Christmases ago. I just need to be brave and learn the dang camera! Which I’ve been reading other … Continue reading