I Enjoy…Sequins

Here come the holidays and my fav part…holiday parties! I don’t get a lot of excuses around these here parts to give into sequin addictions, but with said holiday party opportunities heading our way, I say get out there and sparkle (cheese pun). *all images gathered from Pinterst Advertisements

Yummies…Blackberry Punch

Want something yummy to sip on at this years Halloween party? Me too! But I’m sorry…I have to say it…I’m all pumpkined out. I crave something fall however so it’s blackberries to the rescue. This sounds almost too yummy. Happy fall y’all. Photos by Elle G. Photography for Valley & Co. Mr. Valley’s Blackberry Punch … Continue reading

I want…An Etsy Kitchen

I am drawn to girly things. Lace and kittens. Pure and simple. My husband however is not. And so we come to our biggest source of conflict…things we own being unisex. (I think pastels are manly apparently, while he does not.) So I’m always on the look out for true unisex items for our home. … Continue reading