DIY… Cohesive Kitsch

Hello! Hows it going? I feel like I start every post with something “how are you” esque and I’d like to make it a goal to add some range to my introductions, next time. Anyways, apparently my new Twitter account for this blog “was compromised” and my husband received spam. What is that? Compromised? How? … Continue reading

DIY… Before and After Ikat Table

So remember my yard? Me too… I love it. I love to just sit in it. There’s a privacy fence at the perfect height so that I can easily spy on people without them spying on me. I keep telling my husband to buy me some binoculars but i think he thinks I’m creepy. So … Continue reading

DIY… Patina Painted Picture Frames

Welp, we done up and moved again. Only houses though. Not towns. I currently still reside in Pennsylvania. I’m pretty sure my “about” page says I live in Minnesota still maybe Anyways, we got a level in a duplex. It has the yard! A fenced yard! The house is sort of underground, we have high … Continue reading

DIY…Stamps – and the ups and downs of crafting.

Fact: crafting does not always go smoothly. Another fact: crafting rarely goes smoothly. All these perfectly executed and photographed DIYs out there make me think “that looks so easy, maybe I can do it”. And usually I can, and so can you (I dislike when people say they aren’t “crafty”, everyone who can think is. … Continue reading

Working working packing. Packing packing moving.

That title is a song by the way, you have to sing it. but it also sums up the next 14 days. Ahhhh I’m moving 600 miles in 14 days. We will have two roommates. And a new city. I consider where I live now a town. But in the new area we will be … Continue reading

DIY… Supermarket T-shirt Bags

HELLOOOOOO! It has been toooooo long. You know it’s been too long when you have to try 3 different passwords to log into WordPress. But hey, I’m here now and I come bearing a DIY. But before we get started on that I thought I’d catch you up a bit. We are MOVING! And I … Continue reading