I want…Gift Giving $50-$100

Hi again. Time for this week’s Gift Giving. This time around $50-$100. Let’s just dive right in. We’ll do this shortest to tallest today. First up, this Honeybake Baking Set is adorable so give it to someone adorable and teach them early the joys of baking. The main joy being eating those delicious baked goods. … Continue reading

What I’m up to… DIY Wrapping Paper

I want… Gift Giving $20-$50

Hey y’all, back again this Monday for round 2 of gift giving. This week it’s $20-$50 for man, woman, and child…so let’s get going. First, for the precious babe in your life, a little art. This is adorable, and smart, and has a narwhal… Let’s move on to the men in your life. I love … Continue reading

Yummies… Crockpot Creme Brulee

I know. I know. The holidays are generally for pumpkiny sweets. But I’m prepared to fight that stereotype. Introducing… Creme Brulee for thanksgiving! Now I just have to find my crockpot…. “The Ingredients: –2 cups heavy cream –5 egg yolks –1/2 cup sugar (baker’s or fine sugar is better so the granules disappear) –1 T … Continue reading

I Enjoy…Sequins

Here come the holidays and my fav part…holiday parties! I don’t get a lot of excuses around these here parts to give into sequin addictions, but with said holiday party opportunities heading our way, I say get out there and sparkle (cheese pun). *all images gathered from Pinterst