Come Along Fawn… A little more open

The DRESSES are up the dresses are up! There’s 3 to get you started. Hand painted. By me. More coming soon… Click here to straight there! Xo Advertisements

What I’m up to…Stustustudio workin

Hello! And welcome. I don’t have many words just yet, so look. Don’t listen. And… Whew that’s blurry, oh well for right this second.

What I’m up to… Chchchchanges.

Hey! I’m very busy so I’ll be brief. I have started to think a little more “seriously” about the future and life and things adult like. Which made me decide to make y’all some things. Which be available for y’all quick like a bunny in my revamped etsy that my dear sweet HUSBAND is making … Continue reading

Get pretty…Galaxy Nails

Right now, I lURV galaxy nails. So give it a try…here’s a nice video tutorial that can get you going in no time. So go…get pretty.