8 Holiday DIYs

Its the most wonderful time of the year, Thanksgiving. Then Christmas. Boy howdy, christmas is sneaking up on me this year, Its damn near december! Are you as unprepared as I? I hope not for your sake, but if you are I want to help. I did a little blog time travel and found for … Continue reading

What I’m up to… I am still alive

Hey pretty babies. I am not dead. I have been super busy. and the summer went fast as some cliche southern saying. I worked, did an outrageous amount of yoga, and set up a booth at a local artists fair a handful of saturdays, and now its over and here i am. I decided to … Continue reading

Crochet…A Tiny Cactus

Part two of “Crochet Week” here is gonna be a cute wittle cactus pattern. It probably contains errors, it may not make a cactus, although I’m fairly certain that it does. I tried it, a few times. Well enough dilly dallying, lets whip up some cacti. I used SugarnCream yarn and a size F crochet … Continue reading

Yummies…DIY Donuts!

Good Morning my dears! Did everyone watch Arrested Development?!?!?!?!? I did. I’m going to watch it all again before I make a real opinion but I will say there was much laughter and enjoyment. And I may or may not have a call for maritime law. I’ll tell you what I definitely have a call … Continue reading


Oh hey, hows everyone doing? I’m doing dandy, Hopefully y’all are well, but if not I have some great “medicine” for you. Gardening!! Its good for your soul. Seriously, I am really into it this year. I love my plants and so far they seem to love me. And also so far, planting garlic cloves … Continue reading

DIY… No Sew Pillowcase

TGIF! am I right? I am. I know it. And while some of you may be layering on the mascara to hit the disco-tech I will be snuggled up with my husband, fur babies, and some Netflix. Why? Because I’m an old lady trapped in a body that ain’t no spring chicken. And I do … Continue reading

DIY… Patina Painted Picture Frames

Welp, we done up and moved again. Only houses though. Not towns. I currently still reside in Pennsylvania. I’m pretty sure my “about” page says I live in Minnesota still maybe Anyways, we got a level in a duplex. It has the yard! A fenced yard! The house is sort of underground, we have high … Continue reading

DIY… Tassel Garland

Hey. Today, I’m waiting. For a phone call. And its driving me up the wall. I went for a walk but the wind has a chill, I don’t want to just sit around watching tv. I need something to take my mind off waiting and pass the time. So I am doing this fun little … Continue reading

DIY… Yoga Pants Makeover

Hello! Happy Sunday. Etc. Today I think we should work on opening up your sewing chakra. I’ve been doing yoga a lot lately. And I’ll go ahead and swear by it. But…I hate my yoga pants. They came in a three pack from SAMs club just like how I get my bras (not joking). They’re … Continue reading

DIY…Crepe Paper Photo Backdrop

So, for my birthday, the husband helped me create a super easy but incredibly satisfying backdrop for the EastONpop article. And about 5 mins in I started documenting. It’s super easy though. Just find a blank wall. We don’t have any really, so we used one of our housemate’s giant rolls of canvas. Tack it … Continue reading