From skirt to backpack! …an upcycle.

So, I don’t drive. I do a lot of walking. And for some reason I require at all times a gallon of water, a tupperwear container who’s contents shall not be named, 2 notebooks, and quite possibly some shoes and maybe yarn and some rocks and chapstick. All that said, the size purse I carry … Continue reading

What I’m up to… Ringing Rocks, PA

Sunday, we needed to get out. I’m slowly trying to convince my husband to forget the world and buy a farm and live off the grid and only have goats, alpacas, chickens, and maybe a few more dogs, and a pet deer. And in my convincing, I think it helps to leave the “city” and … Continue reading

It’s my birthday!!!

Today is John Travolta’s birthday. Yes, during the time of Look Who’s Talking I was enamored by the fact I shared a birthday with this now crazy person. Wasn’t he so cool. I wanted him to dance me around a kitchen to Gene Pitney’s Town Without Pity. But I digress. 27! Sheesh. I am happy … Continue reading

What I’m Up to… EastOnPop

So. My roommates, husband, and I are being featured in a magazine!!! I’m jazzed, seriously. It’s a huge 9 page spread. Oh I should probably tell you the name of it…EastOnPop. It’s a local thing but will be distributed through where I live in Pa and Nj. I met the creator by chance at work … Continue reading

What I’m up to…First shoot

So my husband needed a band picture to send to a publicist and I made him let me take the picture. It was my first time shooting a person really with my camera he got me 3 Christmases ago. I just need to be brave and learn the dang camera! Which I’ve been reading other … Continue reading

What I’m up to…Rocks

I know, I know, first I blog too little, now too much. I just couldn’t wait to show everyone in the world the jewelry, especially the rings!, I made. They will be for sale by Sunday morning. Probably Saturday evening because I’m too excited to open my etsy shop back up. Here! First gander.

What I’m up to…Stustustudio workin

Hello! And welcome. I don’t have many words just yet, so look. Don’t listen. And… Whew that’s blurry, oh well for right this second.

What I’m up to… Chchchchanges.

Hey! I’m very busy so I’ll be brief. I have started to think a little more “seriously” about the future and life and things adult like. Which made me decide to make y’all some things. Which be available for y’all quick like a bunny in my revamped etsy that my dear sweet HUSBAND is making … Continue reading

What I’m up to… Seriously

Hello from Easton, Pennsylvania! I’m going to act like I haven’t been mia for a year. But let’s just say… I moved to Easton and got a job. I dyed my hair blue. It was Christmas. I dyed my hair back to normal. I made some clothes. I got this crazy (free) app called Netrobe. … Continue reading

Working working packing. Packing packing moving.

That title is a song by the way, you have to sing it. but it also sums up the next 14 days. Ahhhh I’m moving 600 miles in 14 days. We will have two roommates. And a new city. I consider where I live now a town. But in the new area we will be … Continue reading