The Very First Velvet Bow Giveaway!!!!

Hey everyone!!!! You totally read that right! I’m doing a giveaway!!!! Whooohooo free stuff, right? Honestly I’d like to give each and every one of y’all a present, but until I’m Oprah that’s a stretch. So one lucky reader will receive a handmade ring designed and in fact handmade by yours truly. It has a … Continue reading

Good mornin, Monday!!

I am no fan of Monday’s. From what I hear they’re manic and they always bring people down. So to counteract that I present a smattering of goats…to brighten your outlook on this darkest of all weekdays, Monday. Hey it’s not so bad. You’re already on your way to the weekend, my dear That last … Continue reading

Bad day

Hey y’all. Today was one of those days. You know those days. Where nothing goes right. Everything is wrong. And it’s all stupid things that aren’t worth getting upset over (ie. my forehead, neck pain, frizzy hair, January, 16 degree weather when you thought you moved to a warmer climate, trying to hang a curtain … Continue reading

I enjoy… Measuring Tapes

Ever since I got my “one inch” necklace for Christmas, I’ve been slightly obsessed with sewing paraphanellia in my life. Which led me to Etsy search for tape measures. And so I picked out my favorite things and here they are. Enjoy. Purse set $44. Watch in white $20. They have more colors too! Felt … Continue reading

I enjoy… Wooden Rings

If my husband and I ever “upgrade” our wedding rings, they will be wooden. I’m obsessed with the first one here. And actually all that follow. *all images found on Pinterest

I enjoy…Tattoos

Why yes, I am already thinking about my birthday in February. And I know what I want! A new tattoo! Well new over an old rather. I have a nice little chest piece already, ships and a dragon, but as time goes on I’m not a fan of it anymore. So I want a cover … Continue reading

I enjoy…Detachable Collars

I love a good collar and these detachable ones are heavenly. They add adorable to any outfit and even some warmth in the winter ahead. Maybe this thursday we’ll do a DIY for one… *all images found on Pinterest

I Enjoy…Sequins

Here come the holidays and my fav part…holiday parties! I don’t get a lot of excuses around these here parts to give into sequin addictions, but with said holiday party opportunities heading our way, I say get out there and sparkle (cheese pun). *all images gathered from Pinterst

I enjoy…Quilling

I love Quilling. You can make a ton of things with paper, but this is the bee’s knees of paper craft. My dear friend, she doesn’t know we’re friends just yet, Martha Stewart has some great, clear cut (get it?) instructions to help you get going on this filigree form of art. *all images found … Continue reading

I enjoy…Vintage Halloween

Creepy Pinterest.