Get Pretty…my face.

I’m not even going to acknowledge my nonexistence other than to say I’m busy and tired and I spend more time thinking and less time blogging but maybe this is a place for thinking… Runonsentence. The other morning I woke up to a horrible sight. My face. Ruddy and shinny but tight and creasing. It … Continue reading

DIY… French Triangle Mani

HEY LADIEEEES! We don’t dote enough on ourselves. I’m sorry but it is true. you need a good bubble bath and so do I. Thats a fact right there. I’m real bad about this, especially mani pedi areas. I have never actually had a pedicure, which some friends find to be ludicrous (well you pay … Continue reading

Get Pretty… Warby Parker

Sooooooooo, for Christmas, my inlaws gave me a Warby Parker gift card! I was sooooooooo pumped, because I’ve been wandering/squinting around this planet half blind for about 2 years now (seems like just yesterday, penny was a puppy and ate my glasses.). But now, ooooooo Lordy I can see! It’s the craziest thing, anywhere I … Continue reading

Get pretty…DIY Nail Polish

Get Pretty…Yoga

Beauty is many things, outside appearance, health, peaceful mind, confidence, etc etc. One thing I’ve found helps me be well rounded in the beauty realm is Yoga, Pilates, and a good combination of stretching my body and lungs while calming my racing brain in general. So let’s make a pact…starting today(!)…give yourself a quiet moment … Continue reading

Get pretty…Gradient Glitter Nails

My friend Sarah Jane hung out last night and we played pretty. We painted her nails a precious baby pink then stippled on a gold glitter gradient effect on the tips. It was adorable whilst classy. So my question is what other color combos would you pick with gold glitter tips?

Get pretty…The Beauty Department

This weeks beauty post comes from The Beauty Department ( one of my new favorite blogs). Good job, Lauren Conrad, good job. She’s behind this I don’t know too much about her other than the whole tv show thing and I was/am not a big fan of said show but the heaven sent beauty … Continue reading

Get pretty…Galaxy Nails

Right now, I lURV galaxy nails. So give it a try…here’s a nice video tutorial that can get you going in no time. So go…get pretty.