Come Along Fawn… More quartz crystal

Sooooooo, I’ve been pretty busy. I knitted a dress, some shorts, made lots of rings and necklaces. Done a photoshoot and I have another tomorrow. I guess you could say I’m busting my ass. Or trying to anyways. So here is a sneaky peek at the dress, which will be offered in pattern form. And it’s super duper easy. All you need to know is knitting in the round and decreases. And how to duplicate stitch, which sounds way harder and taxing than it really is. It’s easier than actually knitting! Apparently my brain can’t handle locking my yarn for intarsia. Tips? Until ol brain gets it down its duplicate! So with said sneaky peek I’ve actually called you here today to show you the NEW ETSY LISTING I think it speaks for itself

See. In the pic, dress sneaky peek. Anyways go click on the picture if you want to see the beauty of the necklace a little more. Enjoy the beauty



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