DIY… Knit Heart Elbow Patches


I’m a busy bee just buzzin around the bee hive over here. I’ve decided that since i’ve not got as many hours at my “real” job, I’m going to start offering alterations, repairs, and tailoring. So if you’re in the Easton, Pa area and need some buttons replaced or hems lowered or raised let a sista know. you could also easily like the facebook page for it because i have a feeling these two endeavours (blog + seamstress) will come together again, perhaps in the way of some tutorials. Anyways the name of the deal is Jessica Sews, so click on that and like it please, and share it even if you wanna.

I did bring you here for a reason. I swear. On my list of repairs I’m offering is elbow patches on sleeves both knit and felted. Today I thought I’d share a how to on the knit ones. And I threw in a little danity heart motif with some duplicate stitching. if you’ve never done this, look into it. I’m not a fan of intarsia cause I get my yarn all twisted and not how youre suppossed to. Duplicate stitching is a great alternative. So here they are! Knit Heart Elbow Patches…


let me ask you this real quick before we go any further. How does someone offering clothing repair walk around with a gaping hole in her sweater. well she doesn’t anymore. I’m trying to lead by example here i suppose now.

Anways first off gather some worsted weight yarn and US size 7 needles. Honestly gauge isn’t super important here, you could use chunky and smaller needles, or hold two strands of smaller weight yarn, whatever floats your boat. But I used worsted and 7. i know my needles are circular, you don’t need circular its just my favorite color needles of the size 7’s i have. this is a knit flat project!


And heres the pattern… you’ll need to know how to increase (i’ve labeled that “M1” as in make one, in which case you’ll produce two stitches on your right needle from the one on your left.) and how to decrease (labeled K2tog as in knit two together where in two stitches from left needle will be knit into one on right needle.) if you don’t know how to do these things, YOUTUBE IT! everything i know about knitting/crochet/yoga/cute animals i learned from the youtubes.


once you have them all knitted up you can start on the heart!

Once again I cry YOUTUBES. If you don’t know how to duplicate stitch ask the youtube gods. I guarantee someone on there can explain it heaps better than i could. so theres that. and heres this. a chart for the heart


so work that on there and youre done!!! yay now just sew them onto what have you. pin them first, obviousy and be careful not to sew your sleeve shut, don’t ask.


I put mine on pope cardigan previously mentioned. get it pope cardigan, it has holes, its hoely. or it was. but its not anymore! Check check check check it out


Whats that?? you don’t knit? but you want these? you have to have them? you’re almost willing to learn to knit to have them? but if there’s something else you can do youll do it? okay okay well how about this… I’ll knit you a pair! Just head on over to myETSY and get yourself a pair! But I hate teal and red, you say? well first off you’re crazy, thats an excellent color combination, and second, thats okay… message me and we can talk about getting you some in the color scheme of your dreams! hows that sound?



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