What I’m up to… I am still alive

Hey pretty babies. I am not dead. I have been super busy. and the summer went fast as some cliche southern saying. I worked, did an outrageous amount of yoga, and set up a booth at a local artists fair a handful of saturdays, and now its over and here i am. I decided to list a few things left over from those fairs in my etsy. like this crocheted yoga mat bag.


these two sweet little deers. Yes one is headless. Lord knows you’re not perfect



some beautiful flowers, hellebore i believe, that you can’t kill no matter how hard you try. Okay maybe fire or scissors would be its undoing.


And lastly, my very most favorite thing I’ve ever made ever. Sweet baby Seelie Court. A good, most of the time, fairy


well everything can be found over in muh ETSY. So go take a peek. Ive got a few more things to put in, like a gnome pin, and a cake pin, and a carrot pin. And a pattern i’m working on for cables that look like deer. So off with you. to my Etsy


ps. my husband is doing an indiegogo campaign for his new album. Go check it out! and get cool prizes. etc


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