Get Pretty…my face.

I’m not even going to acknowledge my nonexistence other than to say I’m busy and tired and I spend more time thinking and less time blogging but maybe this is a place for thinking…

Runonsentence. The other morning I woke up to a horrible sight. My face. Ruddy and shinny but tight and creasing. It has no life. Just like me. The truth is it was a breakout. I may stop here and say this post includes angry language. So look away if you have pretenses. I could see my fucking chin war zone without looking down. What is that about. Im not conveying the trauma properly. I need a thesaurus, that’s all it boils down to. Boils. Theres a good descriptive. Anyways I wanted to do something about it. But in the meantime. Cover. Nothing did a good job. I looked caked. So I turned to the ginger website I’ve been following on instagram because they have REDHEADED BOBBY PINS and lipstick palettes just for us, ginger sisters, AND tons on oodles of tips on HOW TO BE A REDHEAD. Shout out to my ginger sister, Horry, for the knowledge bestowed upon me in this website. So the last few days I’ve been going through and reading just about every article. The sisters that run the site are natural born, like me. So I trust them for some odd reason. I stuck everything they’ve said into my brain about our delicate porcelain. then went to DIY work. I mixed up a few concoctions containing natural ingredients best suited just for our completion! Anyone with That wants some soothing tlc can use them, don’t get me wrong. I’m trying them out before I say what’s in them. I don’t want to shoot my wad on what was supposed to be a dry run then have something of a mess on my hands. Or screw up anyone’s skin. But know that I whipped up a cleanser, toner, and moisturizing oil (oil?! On my face!? We will see) out of all natural goodies. So far, 2 days in, I have a spot that has actually cleared!!!!! But I took some pictures of my presently pressing issues. Such as chin breakout, red nose spot, luggage under my eyes, and capillaries running wild. My skin is see through I tell ya! I’ll post progress and recipes if there is progress and need for recipes. So stay tuned

There they are. In my bathroom.


I did lots of research and have used anti microbial, antibacterial, and all garb type measures. All natural of course.


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