And the winner is…..

Hellllloooo. Happy Friday. And blapp hirthday gremma to my wonderful husboo. That’s how I say happy birthday.

Alright let’s get down to bit-nis. In ever knew how hard a giveaway would be…on my heart. I want to send each person who took the time to enter something. I mean y’all took time out of your busy lives to take part in mine and I couldn’t be more grateful. But I had to pick a winner, at random…everyone got a number and the birthday boy picked. So JENNY LANG, CONGRATS LADY!!! I’ll be sending you an email shortly then shortly after that a ring. Thank you so much again for entering, my bloggy friends. There will be another giveaway next month and you’ll all have another chance at some little goodie so don’t be too downtrodden at not winning. You’re all winners to me. In fact I’d like to invite the people who entered to use the contact tab up at the top there and shoot me an email, maybe we can be snail mail penpals. I love a good penpal. Welp, till next time…


Photo credit: mike Oliver
Model: penny louise freed


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