Crochet… Some Elements of Structural Crochet


HEAR YE HEAR YE. I do by declare it CROCHET WEEK! This whole week will be dedicated to my newest crafty endeavor, crochet. I can already reasonably knit but I wanted to add crochet to my resume. This is a great starter, educational, and explanatory project.

So, I was over on pinterest the other day and I ran across this wonderful Elements of Sculptural Crochet Diagram and needed one! So I made one.

The link I gave above gives fantastic directions on how to make each example. Just get some SugarnCream yarn and a hook and get busy. If you get stumped theres always google and YouTube. I learned to knit from YouTube. Thanks YouTube. anyways the shadow box esque thing I hot glued it all to was acquired at michaels on the cheap. All in all, I learned a lot about crochet from doing this, and I got some pretty sweet decor out of it too.


Ps. Thank you Wunderkammer for this, it taught me a lot. Now maybe I can use some of the sea creature patterns in your Etsy shop.

Pps. Don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY!! winner will be announced this Friday.


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