Record Store Sunday… The Shirelles: Greatest Hits

So! I’d like to introduce a new feature… RECORD STORE SUNDAY. wherein which I’ll be headin to the local record store and picking something out as a suggestion to y’all. I have two stores within walking distance now and my husband I keep saying “we need more records” so more records it is. Attention: EVERYONE NEEDS A WORKING TURNTABLE AND A VINYL COLLECTION. <– Serious business. Seriously, keep vinyl alive, new and old. Noting beats the crackle..y’all know what I mean right? If not, go get a record player and buy some music with me on Sundays! It’s fun and not necessarily a costly hobby.

First up, The Shirelles Greatest Hits at a whopping 5 BUCKS, worth it. I can barely type right now because I've got it playing as we speak . I just want to croon and sway. It's got all the Shirelles hits, obviously, and that's what I wanted. See, I was feeling fairly nostalgic the other day. I remembered a few Halloween’s ago my friend Sarah and my other friend Casey took me to a costume party show at the crofoot in Pontiac, mi. The bands were bands from "around" and they dressed up as "famous" bands and played cover songs. The entire night was made pure (Michigan (should Michigan cut me a check for that slogan drop or what)) magic by an all lady band doing a bang up job of swooning us with their Shirelles. It was great. The played all hits and we sang and danced. 2 words…Soldier Boy.

They did not play the song I'm leaving here for y'all today, but it's my current favorite on this record. Just sayin… Go…swoon


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