DIY… Plant Hanger


For my anniversary, my husband got me a bunch of plants just like I asked. He’s so good. Not only plants, did he get me, but he got me some nice chunky yarn to macrame up some plant hangers with! My Man! I tell you what. So here’s how I made a plant hanger…

You’ll need a ball of chunky yarn, you could also use any weight yarn, just hold enough strands to make sure it won’t snap under the pressure of that big ass healthy and totally living plant. Cut 8 pieces 120 inches long and knot them all together at one end with a tassel tail a few inches long. The length of the pieces allow for some creativity. make a short tassel tail, a long tassel tail, go wild. Now calm down and concentrate. You’ll now divide the strings into pairs and tie square knots an inch in. This forms the base for the pot to sit on. So don’t make it too big or the pot will just tumble on out. Now take a string from each knot and make it a new pair from a string from that knots neighbor. My pot was about 12 around so I made my next knots about 3 inches from the last knot. Then I repeated that step but instead of knots, I slipped on some wooden beads. Then I measured from the ceiling how far down I wanted my plant to hang and knotted a little loop to go on the hook, then I let the left over string cascade about. I like it in all its cascading glory. My entry window is now full of these bad boys. The cactus pictured is actually from our neighbors, theyre nice.


This planty update to my entry way has me thinking of more entryway updates. Have you done any updates to your entryway/mudroom? I need some shoe storage for sure.

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