DIY… Cohesive Kitsch


Hello! Hows it going? I feel like I start every post with something “how are you” esque and I’d like to make it a goal to add some range to my introductions, next time. Anyways, apparently my new Twitter account for this blog “was compromised” and my husband received spam. What is that? Compromised? How? I don’t really understand. I suppose a robot somewhere figured out my password and proceeded to send sexy emails to people? I don’t know if they were sexy. I just assume so. So if anyone knows how to fix that problem please let me know the way.

So thats one problem in my life. Another is my owl figurine collection. I, like many girls, collect owls. I like them, I also collect cameras, among other things. The point is my collection was getting out of control, A&E was going to come do a story about it. Is that the channel those hoarder shows are on? So I did was a “normal” person would do, and cut down my collection to a few key will always be there pieces. And they all look like crap grouped together. I mean but. But they all look like crap together, although I suppose and works as well. So I decided to dip them all, head first, into a bucket of ink.


As you can see, it was messy. I used a non soluble ink, bright orange or “poppy”. I dipped them all head first up to their little owl feet then pulled them out. The ink was very very thick on them and I had to hold each one over the can for about 10 mins to let it drip (I did not wait for the dripping to end, I have no patience). So this doubles as an arm workout, also I definitely should have worn gloves, but then I wouldn’t have had orange hands for 3 days and whats the fun in that. I let them dry or, later as I found out, cure on some paper for about 12 hours. I rotated them a bit carefully every so often so they wouldn’t get stuck to the paper too horribly. I cannot stress to you how messy this was. I also don’t know if I’ve ever conveyed my appreciation for messy. Messy=Fun. Anyways after about a day, I brought them inside and they cured for a few more days. The ink was fairly thick so after a day or so you could still make an impression if you weren’t careful when handling them. I like the way they look. Ive painted little owl figurines in all different sorts of ways but this is my favorite so far as far as look and texture goes. And now all my little owls look like they’re from one nice orange little owl family.




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