DIY… French Triangle Mani


HEY LADIEEEES! We don’t dote enough on ourselves. I’m sorry but it is true. you need a good bubble bath and so do I. Thats a fact right there. I’m real bad about this, especially mani pedi areas. I have never actually had a pedicure, which some friends find to be ludicrous (well you pay for someone to tickle my feet!). But this isn’t about that. Its about sitting down and giving myself a nice manicure. I even buffed my nails with one of them fancy 4 sided buffer what nots. Then I simply (I use the word “simply” doused in sarcasm because I have the shakiest of hands, i will not play Operation and no I cannot eat peas with a fork) put on a clear coat, then skip the usual nude step of the french mani, and dive right into the white tip part. I brought mine in about half way. “Halvsies French” mani maybe. Then, ever so simply, I used a sewing needle dipped in a tiny pool of mint polish and drew on little triangles. some going upside down some going downside down. I was going to say right side down but what make upside so wrong side i ask?. Anyways, top coat over top that and you’re all topped off. It wasn’t hard, but it wasn’t easy either. A good one if you’re not in a rush. And the best thing about it… my husband said he liked them, WITHOUT ME ASKING! Just goes to show, i know he notices my nails and when he doesn’t say anything its cause he doesn’t like them and i’m paranoid about life in general not just my nails and whether or not my boo likes them.


3 Responses to “DIY… French Triangle Mani”
  1. Must Have Boxes says:

    So cute!

    – KW

  2. gettingontheladder says:

    Love it!

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