Yummies…DIY Donuts!


Good Morning my dears! Did everyone watch Arrested Development?!?!?!?!? I did. I’m going to watch it all again before I make a real opinion but I will say there was much laughter and enjoyment. And I may or may not have a call for maritime law. I’ll tell you what I definitely have a call for, DO-NUTZZZZZZ!!!!!!. . no really I love me some donuts. I’ll eat em anywhere any time and that is a fact. Made possible by a can of biscuits, some oil (pronounced ou-el by me), and some sugar/cinnamon goodness. Its fairly simple. Just put some ou-el, ahem..oil in a pan about an inch deep. Heat it up nice and hot. I’d be inclined to say let it heat up for about 10 mins on medium high, closer to medium, before you drop in your first donut. I have a very hard time waiting! Me want donut now! Anyways, take your can of biscuits and use the cap of that oil bottle, like I did, to punch holes out the center for authentic donut shape and bonus…tasty donut holes. Is your oil good and hot? Drop in a donut hole and see. BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO SPLASH YOURSELF!!! This is almost as dangerous as cornballing. almost. DId the donut hole sizzle and plump right away? no? Mine either. More waiting…Use this time to mix up a bowl with cinnamon and sugar, using the sugar and cinnamon mixing as a tool to take your mind off the constant thought of “why am I not eating donuts right now”. Something along the lines of 1/2 cup sugar 2 tablespoons of cinnamon. Now that oil should be good and hot. Drop in another tester hole. Sizzle and plump? Good! Drop in about 4 donuts, and by the time you drop in the last one, remember…careful, it is time to flip them over. They take mere seconds to sizzle and plump their way into goldeny fried deliciousness. Once in that state take them out, did I mention tongs are a handy tool in this whole donut frying fiasco, and toss them in the cinnamon sugar. Keep going till you have a whole donut tower. Now DEVOUR.

I’d also like to mention that sometimes I use a little lactose free vanilla milk and powdered sugar and make up an icing that I eat as the main portion of my donut meal, using the actual donuts as just little icing shovels. I’m healthy.



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