Oh hey, hows everyone doing? I’m doing dandy, Hopefully y’all are well, but if not I have some great “medicine” for you. Gardening!! Its good for your soul. Seriously, I am really into it this year. I love my plants and so far they seem to love me. And also so far, planting garlic cloves in a coffee can has wielded the most satisfaction. Its super easy, and i’m still not sure how to take care of the cactus present we got from the neighbors. I just followed THESE INSTRUCTIONS RIGHT HERE (click on that caps mess to see them). but slightly modified for an indoor coffee can scenario. I washed the can and dried it well, then with a can opener cut a few holes in the bottom for draining purposes, and painted over the whole “chock full o nuts” part.


Now I’m just following the path laid out before me by the good folks at “How Stuff Works”. So far so good…I’m about two weeks in now. Maybe less.


oh and I saw a squirrel today.




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