DIY… Yours & Mine Sleep Masks

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! It is my anniversary, ahem, our anniversary. My husband, OF 3 WHOLE YEARS, insists I include him. wink. In all seriousness though, 3 years ago today I married my bestie. It happened. And every year I try to get him presents that are fun and stuff he wants and not necessarily practical but they always are. Practical. Socks and that sort of crap that no man really wants. Okay they want them, but lets face it, they’d just be happy with….nevermind i’ll tell you when you’re older. So whats this years practically practical gift. Sleep masks! ooooo aaaaaaah. So he doesn’t have to look at my drool covered nap head in the night and we retain some mystery and spark. You should be jotting down this marital advice gold. Anyways, enough rambling, lets just get to the point. I think you should make your significant other a sleep mask and yourself one for being such a good significant other’s other. You deserve it!

oh yeah, and so do they.

Lets start. You’ll need 2 fabrics for the outside, a thicker fabric (I used hearty print fleece because its super girly and lovey and he would never wear a girly sleep mask cause he’s so manly but it’ll be inside so he’ll never even see it, i’m so sneaky.), some paper to make a pattern, some thin elastic, pins, sewing materials, etc. Okay so first things first. make a pattern. Either trace around your dingy old sleep mask making sure to add a seam allowance, as I did, or follow the general shape and measurements in ze picture below. Then cut out two shapes from each of your 3 fabrics and 2 pieces of elastic measuring 15 inches. Next, lay one of your outside fabrics down right side facing up and pin your elastic like I did. Then just lay your other outside fabric piece on top of that right side facing down.


So far so good, now lay your thick inside fabric on top of all that and pin. Then sew all the way around EXCEPT leave a 1 inch space open along the straight top side so you can flip it right side
out. Now flip it right side out. Wow! A sleep mask! Press it, then topstitch all the way around the edge closing up that space you left open. Now do the matching one.


Yay! Matching sleep masks. You very well could stop there, but which one belongs to which person??!! Well just embroider yours and mine on them! Solves that problem right up The hardest part of this whole thing is actually deciding who gets what. But there you have it. Sleep masks for two! Hey actually you could use them for that other thing I “didn’t” mention up there as well. wink.


xo and Happy Anniversary, Darlin.


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