DIY…Dip Dye: an experiment

So I did some experimenting with dip dying the other day. It was pretty fun and easy. I had an old white tank and a mint sweater that were not at their best so I volunteered them for the cause. And I have to warn yall, I got a pretty whacky here folks. I didn’t stir the dye in. Or really use hot water, just luke warm maybe. I disregarded the directions. Shoot me. Anyways, I took the mint sweater and just dunked it in up to the chest then pulled it out slowly. It was in there total about a minute. My scientific deduction…not stirring in the powder dye makes little dye spots and not really dunking it in with any plan whatsoever and having air bubbles form in the sweater made different spots darker or lighter. Interesting. So next i did the tank, but I used a giant knitting needle to sink parts of the tank down as i wanted. I just went straight from the bottom up dunking down the hem up to the chest then pulled it out slowly. but now thinking about it I may next time lay a tank or what have you over the bucket and press down in different places… all pattern like sort of. who knows.

So the conclusion is I like them both. Success! And I learned a bit about not following directions.

ps. it was rit powder dye petal pink.


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