DIY… No Sew Pillowcase

TGIF! am I right? I am. I know it. And while some of you may be layering on the mascara to hit the disco-tech I will be snuggled up with my husband, fur babies, and some Netflix. Why? Because I’m an old lady trapped in a body that ain’t no spring chicken. And I do believe my weary old bones need one more pillow. (I’d like to say the pillow situation is takin over my bed. Theres 8 on there now, so this one will be on the couch! it WILL stay on the couch, I’m telling myself this by the way) Especially since the last time husband went to his parent’s house his mother sent back two 15×15 pillow forms. Yay MORE PILLOWS! But I don’t feel like making some big pillowcase commitment when we just moved into this place and we move the furniture almost every day it feels like. Nothing stays the same and I can’t make up my decorating mind. So I’ll just do a little commitment no sew pillow.


Its fairly easy. Just find a tank top, or tunic, or sleeveless dress, or cut the sleeves off a tshirt. I used a sleeveless tunic from H&M. I have several horizontal stripe tunics from there, several I’ve bought myself and the MIL just got me another one for my birthday in Feb, so I suppose I can’t wear them all at the same time (i’d actually like to try that layering) and one can be worn by a pillow form for bit. Also grab a couple safety pins. Then just slide the pillow into the bottom of the shirt or what have you.


Then just safety pin the bottom to the shoulders like i did in the picture. Tuck in any wayward fabric and flip her over. Voila! A pillow that shops at H&M.


And now for the weekend….We’re going to a wedding tomorrow!!!! What should I wear?


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