DIY… Before and After Ikat Table

So remember my yard? Me too… I love it. I love to just sit in it. There’s a privacy fence at the perfect height so that I can easily spy on people without them spying on me. I keep telling my husband to buy me some binoculars but i think he thinks I’m creepy. So what? Anyways. I have this old round table that needed a good painting so I painted it!


What i did was give the whole thing one blue coat, it was brown before you see, then one coat of red all over. Then i kinda just finger painted the rest. first the blue diamond, then gave it a border, then duplicated said border inside the blue diamond. I wasn’t sure how to explain this and I took no pictures of the process because frankly my fingers were covered in paint. I’m afraid I blue myself, anyone? My best advice is to look at some ikat designs pick a favorite yet simple style, and try it. I didn’t practice and i wasn’t sure how this was going to turn out. but boy howdy finger paintin sure is fun!


Oh i also taped off a portion of the legs and painted them mint. Then did a sealer on the whole thing. Here it is in action…



2 Responses to “DIY… Before and After Ikat Table”
  1. BeingZhenya says:

    What an awesome paint job! Will def keep this DIY in mind!

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