DIY… Starting an Avocado Tree

Hello Monday! I am ready for this week, I tell you what. Okay actually i’m not entirely ready for this week. I have a lot going on. Something exciting. Something I’d rather take my mind off of for a bit with a little urban gardening. And thats what I’m doing. Yesterday I whipped up some guacamole and it was soooooooooo goooooood. I never had the taste or it till recently but now i want it more and more, ravenous style. Anyways, I saved the pitt cause you can sometimes grow a tree from it. I’ve tried before and nothing doin. But i’m feeling a little more green thumbed lately so I decided to give it another go. Reading around online all gave the same results, stick a few tooth picks in it to balance it on a glass with 1/3rd-ish of the bottom covered with water, whilst the pointy side is up in the air. Okay i did that last time, but my tooth picks kept breaking and who knows how long my previous pit waterlogged each time before I dove in to save it. This time i used wooden knitting needles, size 3. Take that puny toothpicks. I only just started it, I’ll keep you updated with the haps. Seems like all i have to do is set in in the window, keep the water level up, and hope my cat doesn’t knock it over till its big enough for dirt. I hope it grows. I read that some do and some don’t. I also read that it takes 5 years to produce fruit. Five years is a long time sort of. And I hope it has a full long life, if it grows this time. Maybe I should name it. Herbert? Or maybe just Avocado. Yeah.. thats nice…Avocado.



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