DIY… Crochet Pattern: Chair Socks

Is your chair making too much noise all the time? Is your chair constantly stomping around driving you crazy? Get it? Like “Kitten Mittens”. Anyways, this chair is not a spinner. Its already left two nice scratches on the floor that i’m sure the landlord will just love. But I have seen the solution. Chair socks. They’re quick and easy and make the chair glide easily around the floor. Which is what I want, a spinner if you will.


Supplies: medium weight yarn
US Size 1 or 2 crochet hook

To begin, chain 5 and join to form a ring. Ch4, dc 10 in ring and join in the round with a sl.
Next round, Ch4, dc in each st and join in round with sl.
Repeat that round till desired length, I did 6 rounds. End it, weave in ends and make 3 more. And don’t take no more crap from chair legs going around scratching floors in a rental like they’ve got no manners .

3 Responses to “DIY… Crochet Pattern: Chair Socks”
  1. OMG this is awesome. I was literally just thinking about this today – the chairs at my work table scrape the floor all the time and the noise drives me MENTAL! Project! Woop!

  2. raggz2baggz says:

    I saw this on UK Crochet Patterns! I really think this idea is top notch!

    I chose to follow your blog, I like what i see here! I am looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    I invite you to come over to my blog, and if you like it please become a follower and leave a message about what you find good. Thank you.

    Ta Ta, Cathy the Bagg Lady

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