DIY… Patina Painted Picture Frames

Welp, we done up and moved again. Only houses though. Not towns. I currently still reside in Pennsylvania. I’m pretty sure my “about” page says I live in Minnesota still maybe Anyways, we got a level in a duplex. It has the yard! A fenced yard! The house is sort of underground, we have high windows in most rooms, and we’ve decided we feel like hobbits in hobbit holes. Anyways, again, the living room walls are already painted a nice creamy yellow, very cheerful, even though i’m not a huge fan of having something as prominent as the walls be yellow, but i digress kind of. My picture frames are all red. Do you realize that my home looks like a mcdonalds to me if I hang up these god awful red picture frames on this YELLOW wall. So I dig around in my paints and decide mint is the choice. I started painting and realized, after one coat, they look patina. I love patina! I’m in love with it. So I stopped there. And thought yall should know: two coats of red paint+one coat of mint= PATINA-Y PICTURE FRAMES! Oh man, they just put me at ease. They look so much better than the red ones, it actually is soothing my soul right now. I cannot stress to you the unease a mcdonalds living room was giving me.
so there you have it. An accidental happy moment diy.

I’d also like to say, The Crayola Store was having a “yard sale”. Theyre redoing their building and were selling all the fixtures and constructionesque things at “make an offer” prices. So we made a couple offers and ended up with a eggplant color (i’m not sure about eggplant, like i’m weary of yellow) vinyl couch and chair set, a huge 4x6foot chalkboard, a box of jewel cases (music folks know whats up), and some giant blow up circle shapes with spikes coming off in all different colors (they’re odd and huge but will look pretty neat on stage or something of that nature at husband’s shows). We kept saying to each other “we did so good!” cause we did. We owned the crayola store yard sale. and to prove it here’s a picture I’ve titled “here’s a jerk for ya”. Any thoughts on the chair? paint? knitted cover? Everyone I know is saying keep it eggplant. i just can’t decide.


ps. If i had one wish, its that the landlord would let me put in hard wood floors.

pps. April showers bring May flowers


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