DIY… Star Sign Embroidery

Let me ask you a question, how often do you just look up and take in the stars? I’m usually in bed knitting by 7, asleep by 10, so the answer for me is that it “ardly hever appens”. But I did just get some newfangled fancy telephone app that lets me do it from … Continue reading

DIY… French Triangle Mani

HEY LADIEEEES! We don’t dote enough on ourselves. I’m sorry but it is true. you need a good bubble bath and so do I. Thats a fact right there. I’m real bad about this, especially mani pedi areas. I have never actually had a pedicure, which some friends find to be ludicrous (well you pay … Continue reading

Yummies…DIY Donuts!

Good Morning my dears! Did everyone watch Arrested Development?!?!?!?!? I did. I’m going to watch it all again before I make a real opinion but I will say there was much laughter and enjoyment. And I may or may not have a call for maritime law. I’ll tell you what I definitely have a call … Continue reading


Oh hey, hows everyone doing? I’m doing dandy, Hopefully y’all are well, but if not I have some great “medicine” for you. Gardening!! Its good for your soul. Seriously, I am really into it this year. I love my plants and so far they seem to love me. And also so far, planting garlic cloves … Continue reading

DIY… Yours & Mine Sleep Masks

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! It is my anniversary, ahem, our anniversary. My husband, OF 3 WHOLE YEARS, insists I include him. wink. In all seriousness though, 3 years ago today I married my bestie. It happened. And every year I try to get him presents that are fun and stuff he wants and not necessarily practical but … Continue reading

DIY…Dip Dye: an experiment

So I did some experimenting with dip dying the other day. It was pretty fun and easy. I had an old white tank and a mint sweater that were not at their best so I volunteered them for the cause. And I have to warn yall, I got a pretty whacky here folks. I didn’t … Continue reading

DIY… No Sew Pillowcase

TGIF! am I right? I am. I know it. And while some of you may be layering on the mascara to hit the disco-tech I will be snuggled up with my husband, fur babies, and some Netflix. Why? Because I’m an old lady trapped in a body that ain’t no spring chicken. And I do … Continue reading

DIY… Before and After Ikat Table

So remember my yard? Me too… I love it. I love to just sit in it. There’s a privacy fence at the perfect height so that I can easily spy on people without them spying on me. I keep telling my husband to buy me some binoculars but i think he thinks I’m creepy. So … Continue reading

DIY… Starting an Avocado Tree

Hello Monday! I am ready for this week, I tell you what. Okay actually i’m not entirely ready for this week. I have a lot going on. Something exciting. Something I’d rather take my mind off of for a bit with a little urban gardening. And thats what I’m doing. Yesterday I whipped up some … Continue reading

DIY… Crochet Pattern: Chair Socks

Is your chair making too much noise all the time? Is your chair constantly stomping around driving you crazy? Get it? Like “Kitten Mittens”. Anyways, this chair is not a spinner. Its already left two nice scratches on the floor that i’m sure the landlord will just love. But I have seen the solution. Chair … Continue reading