DIY… Button Decor

So, not too long ago here, I cleaned and organized my entire email. Inboxes, folders, spam, the whole shebang! and boy did it feel good. It was very therapeutic, as cleaning can be. I remembered things I forgot, found pictures I thought I’d lost, and found a cute easy DIY that I’ve never put on here. So lets dive in with, well, another back story. My darling sister in ginger once gave me a sewing case full of buttons. I’m talking a 10000 buttons maybe. A lot.


I didn’t want to use them for anything. I’m a pack rat that way. i suppose thats why cleaning is so therapeutic to me maybe. i love a good purge of things. Anyways I decided I couldn’t just let them collect dust for the next hundred years, but what to make….

why, button decor of course! duh. Lets get started. This ones easy as pie and fairly quick. I love a good instant gratification.

First off gather up some supplies. Mine were buttons, obviously, hot glue and the gun to go with it, a wood plank (left over from my own wedding. someday i should post pictures of my wedding. someday), some tape, and a stencil of some sort. I used my mother’s in law cricut to cut out my stencil. You could free hand, or trace something, hell! don’t do a letter at all but a shape of some sort or a pattern. I beg of you, be creative. Digressing, Tape your stencil to the wood and then just hot glue buttons. I went from middle out. It didn’t take much time at all. But was a good high in picking out buttons! Now let it set for a bit. i say go take the dog out, or do a 10 min yoga video on youtube then come back and take the paper off. you may have to do a little tearing if you’ve glued a button down onto paper, it happens, cause you want a good thickness of buttons. Or at least I felt that way. And thats it! Your new decor is simply stunning my dear! super cute! sorry I just really have a thing for buttons I think. Stand it up somewhere, Nail it to a fence post. or take a 2 inch long bit of yarn or thin ribbon and hot glue each end down on the back top of the plank to fashion a hanger. Hot glue is so good. Remember though it is nice to let it set before you go hanging it up everywhere!



for once and for all I’d like to clear up that I do not sign xo like “gossip girl” but as second in command on a ship in Admiral Adama’s fleet. This “ps” was dedicated to my husband

2 Responses to “DIY… Button Decor”
  1. Smash says:

    That looks so rad! I love it. I have a surplus of buttons as well and I was thinking of covering one of my lampshades with them, but my boyfriend said that it would turn out ugly and the lampshade would be ruined… Now I have a great alternative use for the buttons! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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