From skirt to backpack! …an upcycle.

So, I don’t drive. I do a lot of walking. And for some reason I require at all times a gallon of water, a tupperwear container who’s contents shall not be named, 2 notebooks, and quite possibly some shoes and maybe yarn and some rocks and chapstick. All that said, the size purse I carry is ridiculous. gargantuan. Back breaking. Poor posture inducing. So I did what any American would do and took to online shopping. Pinterest search “back pack” for hours and I just kept thinking, I could make that. And then i thought, I have a bag of old clothes for goodwill in the hallway and i wonder if theres any good material for making a back pack in there. Sure enough!! A black leather pencil skirt (who am I kidding) and a minty suede mini (again, who am I kidding). Snip snip here snip snip snip there. Anyways. I made myself a backpack. The front pockets on the skirt are fully functional, its insides are lined with special sized pockets just for my things, and the straps are just the right length for not turning me into a golem like creature before I’m 30.
Here it is. I didn’t take a before of the skirt. but I think you get the idea.

I can definitely work up a tutorial of some sort if any one is interested.



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