DIY… Living Terrarium


Remember Sunday, when we went to Ringing Rocks, I brought some nature home with me. I took a few plastic baggies for “specimens”. I found a little sized flat stone with some moss growing on it and carried that around the whole time, as well as a bag of rocks in one pocket and a bag of dirt that was under that stone in the other. Add in a little jar and you’ve got a stew baby! (anyone?) ahem, a terrarium. Layered rocks, then dirt, then I tried to put my rock in….


It was too big for my little jar thingy! Carefully, I peeled the moss and its little tiny roots off the stone. CAREFULLY! After that I carefully placed the moss on the dirt and kinda barely prodded it down a bit. And then I added a bloodstone I had laying around.
And voila! Real live nature.

If you make one too give it a gentle misting and then a good smelling. Is that weird.. I really did take in the dirt fragrance for a while.


I suggest you go down to your nearest wooded area and gather some moss. It’ll make you feel all peaceful like.



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