What I’m up to… Ringing Rocks, PA

Sunday, we needed to get out. I’m slowly trying to convince my husband to forget the world and buy a farm and live off the grid and only have goats, alpacas, chickens, and maybe a few more dogs, and a pet deer. And in my convincing, I think it helps to leave the “city” and get out, get some fresh air, and just plain ol get. So with hammers, backpacks with water, the puppy dog, and an H2 recorder, we hit the winding roads with a mountain on one side and the Delaware River on the other. It was great. I don’t have a lot of words for it because the fresh air cleansed my mind grapes. But I will say if you live in eastern PA or western NJ or are just passing through, stop here. There are rocks to hit with hammers that ring out tones, a waterfall, and IT IS DOG FRIENDLY!! A huge plus in my book.






While we were there, it started to rain. It barely touched us through the tree tops but we could hear it and i kept saying “do we have to go back, can’t we just find some cave and stay” over and over. I would too. Live in a cave there.



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