DIY… Button Decor

So, not too long ago here, I cleaned and organized my entire email. Inboxes, folders, spam, the whole shebang! and boy did it feel good. It was very therapeutic, as cleaning can be. I remembered things I forgot, found pictures I thought I’d lost, and found a cute easy DIY that I’ve never put on … Continue reading

DIY…Garden Marker

Happy Earth Day, y’all!!! I celebrated by planting my lettuce. Frankly I’m terrified it will frost again. If so, I’ll just plant again. Take that North (sometimes its hard being from Texas). Anyways heres a DIY quickie, if you will. Now get off the interwebs and nature it up!! Xo Ps. I have a secret. … Continue reading

DIY… Mary Jane Cloth Shoes

For a good month, I scoured Amazon and Ebay and Etsy and etc for cloth mary jane house slipper sort of things. I would either find some that were super cute and out of my price range or in range but not my size or a color that I want. It was quite the fiasco. … Continue reading

DIY… Tassel Garland

Hey. Today, I’m waiting. For a phone call. And its driving me up the wall. I went for a walk but the wind has a chill, I don’t want to just sit around watching tv. I need something to take my mind off waiting and pass the time. So I am doing this fun little … Continue reading

From skirt to backpack! …an upcycle.

So, I don’t drive. I do a lot of walking. And for some reason I require at all times a gallon of water, a tupperwear container who’s contents shall not be named, 2 notebooks, and quite possibly some shoes and maybe yarn and some rocks and chapstick. All that said, the size purse I carry … Continue reading

DIY… Living Terrarium

Remember Sunday, when we went to Ringing Rocks, I brought some nature home with me. I took a few plastic baggies for “specimens”. I found a little sized flat stone with some moss growing on it and carried that around the whole time, as well as a bag of rocks in one pocket and a … Continue reading

Good mornin, Monday!!

I am no fan of Monday’s. From what I hear they’re manic and they always bring people down. So to counteract that I present a smattering of goats…to brighten your outlook on this darkest of all weekdays, Monday. Hey it’s not so bad. You’re already on your way to the weekend, my dear That last … Continue reading

What I’m up to… Ringing Rocks, PA

Sunday, we needed to get out. I’m slowly trying to convince my husband to forget the world and buy a farm and live off the grid and only have goats, alpacas, chickens, and maybe a few more dogs, and a pet deer. And in my convincing, I think it helps to leave the “city” and … Continue reading