DIY… Embroidered Thank You

Hey thanks. For being you.


Let’s just dive in shall we. Get yourself some paint chips, free! And a tack. cork of some kind, don’t tell me you didn’t drink a bottle of Riesling last Friday. Some embroidery floss, a needle, and a pencil. And some scissors. Cut the paint chips to 4×6 squares. Fold the squares in half and write something. I went with “thanks”. Write whatever you want. Be creative for Christ sake. Then poke holes through just one layer, lay it flat on the cork. Do it all down your handwriting. This is a good time to keep in mind”connect the dots”. Think about the shapes of the letter because between each hole will a straight line. Not too close together, not too far apart. Then fold it in half and punch a border through both layers. Now strang up some strang. Ahem…put some embroidery floss on your needle. And tie a knot at one end then come through the back into the first hole of the first letter.


Now go through the front of the second hole. Then the back of the third hole. Then back into the front of the second hole. Next back of fourth hole, front of third hole.


Back of the fifth, front of the fourth and so on and so forth till you go in the front of your last hole. Tie a knot in the back. Then sew around the border, I did a whip stitch sort of deal, you can too or a straight stitch or zig zag it or whatever. And when you get all the way around tie a knot and then a cute little bow and you’re done! Cute huh?!

All that’s left is to give it to the person you’re thankful for/to, write a message on the back or just leave it blank so that person can use it again and pass on the gratitude.



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