DIY… Yoga Pants Makeover

Hello! Happy Sunday. Etc.

Today I think we should work on opening up your sewing chakra. I’ve been doing yoga a lot lately. And I’ll go ahead and swear by it. But…I hate my yoga pants. They came in a three pack from SAMs club just like how I get my bras (not joking). They’re flare legged, which I hate, what is this…the nineties?! And said flare leg always gets twisted and falls down if I’m inverted. So I’m searching for leggings that you won’t be able to see my butt through when I’m in plow and I’m having some trouble. Apparently opaque means still slightly see through in most legging cases. Whatever! Fine! I’ll just make my own damn leggings. And ya know what? I’ll use stuff I already have AND I’ll add a skirt for the upmost modesty. So there!

And that’s what I did!


Let’s get started. Youll need some craptastic old yoga pants that you hate, a tshirt of your normal size (I used an AA small unisex v neck), chalk, sewing machine, pins, and maybe some other sewing what nots…oh and scissors.

First turned inside out, lay out your old pants flat on the floor. Then take some leggings you already enjoy and lay them on top of the pants. Match up the crotch and inner leg line then trace the outside leg line onto your yuck pants. I then pinned the two layers together and sewed down the chalk line with a nice zigzag cause I’m working with stretch. By the way, if you don’t have leggings you already enjoy, try putting the pants on inside out and pinning them to your desired tautness. Anyways, once you’ve sewn, try them on..not so great? Seam rip that seam out and try try again. Great? Great, now overlock the initial stitch and trim excess, or serge if your fancy..but don’t skip this step. You don’t want your one seam ripping during a workout.

Now, take that tshirt and cut it like I did. Mines about 14 inches. I wanted my skirt about 13 inches long. Turn that inside out and put it around your already inside out pants then pin it a few times around just underneath the pants elastic band, you’ll be able to feel it with your fingers. And sew that on. I used just a plain straight stitch but stretched my fabric as I sewed so when I stretched it later pulling them over my dunk I wouldn’t rip any stitches. Now. Turn that all right side out. And pin down the skirt to keep it from bunching as you sew it down again just under the pants elastic band using a straight stitch and stretching the fabric as you go.

And youre done! Put them on! And pranayama. In all honesty it took me longer to type this up than to alter the pants. Quick. Easy. Flattering. Girlie. And about 70$ cheaper than buying a two in one legging skirt yoga set. Oh yeah! That almost feels better than yoga itself.


Xo. And namaste!

2 Responses to “DIY… Yoga Pants Makeover”
  1. I love this! Too bad I can’t sew to save my life.

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