DIY…Crepe Paper Photo Backdrop

So, for my birthday, the husband helped me create a super easy but incredibly satisfying backdrop for the EastONpop article.


And about 5 mins in I started documenting. It’s super easy though. Just find a blank wall. We don’t have any really, so we used one of our housemate’s giant rolls of canvas. Tack it up and presto, blank wallo. Oh and you need crepe paper and tape.


We worked as a team..he’d tape a strip to the top and I’d hold the end and turn it clockwise about however many times you need for desired twistiness. and tape the bottom end down.


See…tape at top…

Twist and tape bottom…


And now you have it…


A fancy new backdrop for picture takin’…

Or dance party having in front ofs….



2 Responses to “DIY…Crepe Paper Photo Backdrop”
  1. So cool! I’m gonna try in my next party 🙂

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