It’s my birthday!!!

Today is John Travolta’s birthday. Yes, during the time of Look Who’s Talking I was enamored by the fact I shared a birthday with this now crazy person. Wasn’t he so cool. I wanted him to dance me around a kitchen to Gene Pitney’s Town Without Pity. But I digress.

27! Sheesh. I am happy with this age though. If you haven’t made it this far yet, keep going, it gets better (what am I? An ad for not committing suicide?). I’m just saying, you will have a quarter life crisis, then you’ll be okay and age like a fine wine. Those of you past this mark, if I’m full of shit let me live that way in my blissful ignorance of real life please and thank you.

So I have a slightly funny story. Remember that photo shoot we did? Well someone, who i had never met, came with the photographer and he was telling us all about his new girlfriend. Going on and on about how old she was. Not “how old” as in a number. But “how old” as in that number was just bananas to his 23 year old mind. And I mean it, he went on and on. Kept saying things along the lines of “is she too old?”. What was this mystery woman’s mystery age? 27. I just sat there quietly. Trying not to draw any attention to my encroaching birthday/crows feet. Oh me, I’m 21, I kept saying in my head, they’ll never know I’m “old”. Till, billy, the husband, who had been quietly listening in the next room, runs in screaming “attention everyone! Announcement, Monday is Jessica’s birthday and she will be 27!!!” Cover blown. Liver spots all out for the world to see. That guy turned the most lovely shade of red I’ve ever seen. And I’m not a big fan of the color red. Anyways. We all had a laugh at our expenses and he proceeded to ask me if he was too young for his lady. Nope. Remember that quarter life crisis I mentioned earlier, he missed all that crazy with his old lady. My husband is 24. Age is just a number. Kind of. I’m babbling now. Story time is over.

Anyways. Happy birthday to me!!


What’s my birthday wish? For you to go dance around your kitchen to some Gene Pitney



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