DIY…Knitted Narwhal Pattern

Hey knitters! I come with a pattern of sorts. I’ve never really shared what’s inside my knitting brain so we will see how this goes. Please correct me when I’m wrong on stuff or if I don’t explain we’ll enough. I would say this is not a beginner project since its double pointed needles. But its still pretty simple. Nothing you couldnt do, I use YouTube videos a lot while knitting as reference. Let’s just dive in.

Supplies: set of 5 size us5 double pointed knitting needles
Worsted weight yarn

Gauge isn’t terribly important.


Cast on 6 and distribute onto 3 needles evenly. 2 on each needle.
Rounds 1-8 knit
9. Increase one on each end of each needle. 4 on each needle
10. Same as 9. 6 on each needle
11. Knit round
12. Same as 9. 8 on each needles
13-21. Knit rounds
22. Decrease by one on each end of each needle. 6 on each needle
23-24. Knit rounds
25. Same as 22. 4 on each needle.


Divide one needles 4 stitches onto two needles. That will be the underside of the narwhal. Now work on one side of fin with one needle with 2 stitches and one with four. Grab another needle. So many needles!!!

Start on the needle with 2 stitches.
1. Increase by one on each end of each needle. (4,6)
2. Same as 1. (6,8)
3. Same as 1. (8,10)
4-5. Knit rounds
6. Decrease by one on each end of each needle. (6,8)
7. Knit round
8. Same as 6. (4,6)
9. Knit round
10. Knit two together till you have one stitch remaining and bind off.

Do the exact same thing to the other side. Now stuff the little guy. Stuff his body and each fin then sew him up closed. Now make 2 little triangles for side fins.
Something like…
Cast on 4
Knit one row
*Knit two together twice
Knit a row
Repeat from* and cast off. Make 2 sew on sides.

And you’re done. You can give him a face. Or her a bow or whatever you want. It’s your little narwhal. Narwhal!!!!

Let me know how this goes for you.




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