DIY…Stamps – and the ups and downs of crafting.

Fact: crafting does not always go smoothly. Another fact: crafting rarely goes smoothly.
All these perfectly executed and photographed DIYs out there make me think “that looks so easy, maybe I can do it”. And usually I can, and so can you (I dislike when people say they aren’t “crafty”, everyone who can think is. We all are! Just try!), but there is from time to time the occasional hiccup. And you/me being so darn crafty have to just work it out. Here’s my recent struggle… A tale of heart ache and redemption…

Picture it, Sicily..1912. Just kidding. But really picture it. I’m wandering around Dollar Tree, and I see foam sticky back letters. My brain screams “STAMPS!!!”. And I’ve made my purchase. Okay. Now run home. Grab some wood. Mark it to 1 inch sections. Grab a saw…


Lack of clamps to hold the wood steady while I hand saw was the first problem. That’s okay…roommate has a band saw and husband is willing to do the cutting… Back in the game.


Wait.. If I stick these sticky back letters on the wood, they’ll stamp backwards. Crud!!!!!! hadn’t even crossed my mind. Okay well I’ll just stick one the right way on one side of the block and one the direction it needs to go on the other side with hot glue. This is where things started to get messy.


Some letters will work both ways..some won’t…ugh…getting frustrated. That’s ok. Keep going. Get them all nice and glued on the right way for stamping but now I’ve got sticky sides facing out on most of them. My thought was ” okay, stick and unstick on some fabric till all the sticky is gone, right?”. Wrong. I underestimated the sticky power. First try and I rip the letter off the block. Grrrrr…glue it back on. And sit there staring at them thinking. Goo gone? Too messy/greasy. Then someone in the room says “alcohol!”. Yes! I need a glass of wine to help my brain grapes. Oh you mean rubbing alcohol, yeah let’s try it. Nope! The sticky is too powerful to be thwarted by such rubbish. I’ll just cover it up, yes, just cover it up! And I carefully put a coat of acrylic paint over my sticky nemesis.


I’m not proud of this. I mean… I just covered it with paint, cop out. But you know what? It worked. The sticky is dead and buried. looking back, I never would have bought stick back ones. Yes, it was convenient for a nice decorative way to identify each stamp and yes it worked for some letters and 2 numbers. But was the sticky worth dealing with? Or would it have been more taxing to have to hot glue each one?(hot glue was what my make-it-work-self had on hand what would be better I wonder, spray tack, wood glue, mod podge, whatever.) i wouldn’t have had to do a coat of paint, but I would have skipped the decorative touch on top out of pure laziness and just wrote it on in my nasty handwriting.

But really, it worked. So I am proud. Of all my little stamps. They shall serve their purpose well.


Ps. If you attempt this battle let the coat of paint dry before you stamp. You will be tempted to try it, I was and it did not end well. Let’s just say, sticky on the letters + sticky coat of paint = ridiculous sticky.

Goodbye, off to the post office.


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