DIY… Quick n Dirty Jersey hi lo Maxi

Hello hello! I’m back again. With lots of thought processes. I don’t want to let this get too wordy, the title clearly says “quick n dirty”, but let me say I bought a notebook and some Martha Stewart office organizey tab thingys and boy howdy, I’m getting my life together. I have a tab for Come Along Fawn. I have a tab for you guys, y’all, it says “blog”. And there’s already a list of things I’d like to address in the future but for now I can check “easy maxi DIY” off the list. Here we go.

First of all I’d like to state this is an easy peasy project. YOU CAN DO IT. I had to stress every word in that because it’s important to remember to just give it a damn try. So go to Joann’s and get 2 yards of jersey stretch fabric that’s 44inches wide (look in the clearance section!!) And a piece of elastic that’s 3/4 inch wide and however long your waist measurement is minus 2 inches. (I am a high waisted kind of gal so I measure my waist pretty high up. Just sayin) so my waist is 28…minus 2…my elastic 26 inches long. I’m not sure where I heard that minus 2 rule for elastic but it’s always worked for me in the waist area. Now go get in line and wait for an hour, just me? I still like you Joann’s. Anyways. Now you’ve got your supplies. Don’t forget thread.

Now take your fabric and fold it in half so it’s now 44 inches by 36 inches. And sew up the 44 inch side. Pin it first and set your machine to a nice zig zag. A zig zag gives the seam some stretch to go with your stretchy fabric. Mines #4 on my brother machine. There’s an overlock sort of stitch (6) I can go over it with but I felt it was over kill, because this is for me.


Next turn to one the ends of the tube you just made and pin a 1 1/4 inch hem and sew around. Leave a 2 inch or so opening to thread your elastic through. Use a safety pin to swim the elastic through the tube. Sew the elastic closed. And finish the seam on the hem where you left it open.


You can stop there and just trim the bottom to a nice length, distribute the fabric evenly around, and have a very darling maxi skirt. OR…fold it in half to find the front and cut out an “S” sort of shape like it did for the hi lo or fishtail style.

I now, including this one, have 3 of these in different colors and at this moment am wearing the mint one. I live in these skirts. You don’t even have to hem the bottom because of the jersey. How easy was that! Now I’m brainstorming other “bottom shapes”…asymmetrical…a reverse of this…a sideways….v’s…. Thoughts?


Don’t forget your coupons for Joann’s. 😉


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