Bad day

Hey y’all. Today was one of those days. You know those days. Where nothing goes right. Everything is wrong. And it’s all stupid things that aren’t worth getting upset over (ie. my forehead, neck pain, frizzy hair, January, 16 degree weather when you thought you moved to a warmer climate, trying to hang a curtain but one side falls down as soon as you get the other up like a damn cartoon for 45 mins, etc etc). But they are upsetting. And I learned from a dear friend, sj, that it’s okay to feel your feelings. Just don’t let your negative energy bring others down. Which for me, makes it worse. I’m worried my worrying is making my husband worry and that adds more worry to my existing worry. It’s a vicious cycle my friends. But here’s hoping tomorrow will be better. Here’s a nice list of things to do when you have “a mean case of the reds”.
Take a walk
Take a shower
Take a nap
Watch a tear inducing movie and have a good cry (sounds counterproductive but I swear by a good cry)
Make yourself pretty (brush your nappy hair out of that ponytail and style it)
Get lost in a task that requires you to think (good time to try out that knitting pattern that requires a lot of counting)
Listen to incredibly guilty pleasure music and sing along loud and unashamed (I make up reasons to go to the store so I can be in the car alone…no one can hear me in there. Except anyone within a 100foot radius. Dance too. Dancing helps)
Clean (this is a huge one for me. Messy house, messy mind. It won’t feel good at first but once you look around and your house is clean you’ll thank me)

And look at inspirational/cute/funny books or pinterest boards or whatever




That’s really all I got… How do you deal with depression? I genuinely want to know.

Ps. Tomorrow there’s a DIY on here. That’s something to be happy about.


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