What I’m up to… Seriously

Hello from Easton, Pennsylvania! I’m going to act like I haven’t been mia for a year. But let’s just say…

I moved to Easton and got a job. I dyed my hair blue. It was Christmas. I dyed my hair back to normal.

I made some clothes.

I got this crazy (free) app called Netrobe. I am in love with it. I took pictures of all my clothes. For hours. And hours. And loaded it all into the closet-from-hell-that-can-tip-over-on-you-at-any-
moment fixing app and it literally brought me to tears. I did the math. I have X number of tops and Y number of skirts..equals…carry the 1… I HAVE THAT MANY OPTIONS!!!!!???? I had no idea. I spend hours obsessing and tearing through hanger after hanger frustrated screaming how I have nothing to wear. But I do. I do. It’s a ground breaking realization my friend. AND it helped weed out my “collection”. (a whole goodwill’s bag worth) AND I can do stuff like this…

Oh yeah! I can make style boards!!!! I may be too excited about this. Maybe

Oh and I had curly fries today



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