Working working packing. Packing packing moving.

That title is a song by the way, you have to sing it. but it also sums up the next 14 days. Ahhhh I’m moving 600 miles in 14 days. We will have two roommates. And a new city. I consider where I live now a town. But in the new area we will be a cheap train ride away from NEW YORK CITY?!?! (said like the old pace picante sauce commercials). I will decide at a later date if Easton, Pa is a city or town. I’m maybe excited to maybe play some shows maybe probably not maybe. What a perfect segue into this…

Some nice music to listen to while you look at some lovely kitchen DIYingI’ve been doing.

I did it with just plain ol craft paint. Acrylic i believe and yes it is chipping. But the bright colors make me happy. Also I hear they sell appliance paint at home depot so I may redo it if it gets chippier. So my advice to you, go paint something in your space. It’s therapeutic. Really. And even more so if you pick a soothing green or blue. They’re known calm and lord knows I need something to calm me down.
The Velvet Bow


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